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BONDS Smart Logistics offers fleet management through our tracking platform. We handle everything from maintenance and fuel management to scheduling and performance tracking. By focusing on efficiency and minimizing downtime this is what we Do:

  • Provide drivers with a Smart Journey Management Plan (SJMP): The drives will access Google Smart Sheets which they will fill out at every start and stop of the journey.
  • Manage the drivers driving speeds and stops: Ensure all tracking units on all trucks are online and working, ALL driver related behaviors will be monitored, Improve turnaround time TAT, Reduce accidents, Drivers will be allowed to stop at specific places and for specific times and for specific reasons the main ones being rest and meal times.
  • Monitor fuel usage and track it against kilometers: All refueling will be calculated against the previous kilometers achieved with a minimal variance allowed. Any fuel loss will be automatically upscaled to the DCLT management for action. Increase liter per kilometer consumption, and reduce pilferage
  • Monitor spare parts and vehicle accessories: All spare parts will be registered when they are being placed into the vehicles and they will be tracked against the kilometers being achieved.
    Increase longevity of spare parts and reduce carelessness and theft of vehicle accessories.
    The vehicles will be subject to checks upon arrivals, and spot checks with weigh bridge trackers at specific locations.

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